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1320 19th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036


Sunday - Thursday : 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Friday - Saturday : 11:30 AM - 11:30 PM

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The original concept for Levante's originated in 1984, in Austria with a mission to introduce the foods from the eastern mediterranian region in a casual, full-service restaurant format.

Levante's proved so successful that consequently other locations have since opened, making Levante's one of the most successful chain restaurants in Europe with a high level of repeat patronage and strong customer loyalty.

Levante's operating experience has also created a comprehensive franchise program. In 1994 Levante's began to offer limited franchises to qualified applicants worldwide. The first Levante's restaurant in the U.S. opened in February, 1998 in Bethesda, Maryland.
Our Concept

The word "Levante" is derived from "Levantine" which describes the eastern Mediterranean coastal region that today includes: Turkey, Greece and extends into Lebanon and Israel. The era of the Ottoman Empire and Alexander the Great, past rulers of the Levante region, is now history, but the culinary and cultural traditions live on.

The tastes and flavors of that golden age come alive at Levante's. All dishes are made in the Levante tradition using only fresh ingredients. For centuries, these qualities have allowed people of the Mediterranean to eat well and live long healthy lives. Today at Levante's diners can enjoy the variety, freshness and the natural health benefits of this legendary cuisine.

Levante's is the first restaurant group to offer eastern mediterranean cuisine in a casual dining environment.

Natural stone and light wood interiors envelope guests. Open kitchens and wood-fired ovens produce charcoal - grilled meats and vegetables, which are prepared in full view of diners. Pita and flat breads are baked fresh. Unique Turkish pides with generous size and homemade crusts offer a unique alternative to Italian-style pizza. Foods that are lovingly prepared and served in a contemporary, relaxed environment. All of this contributes to a unique dining experience.

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