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Nando's Peri-Peri Chinatown

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819 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001


Monday - Sunday : 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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Nando's was born in 1987 in South Africa, although the tale of Nando’s and our inspirational Peri-Peri takes us back much further in time.

From the humble beginnings, Nando's Restaurants have now opened in 34 countries on five continents around the world, launching in Washington DC in July 2008. It isn’t just good luck that has helped fan the Nando’s flame.

Nando's work to a set of values that is central to everything that we do. Most importantly, it helps us to attract brilliant people that make it all possible.

In the beginning
Nando’s Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken didn’t just fall out of the sky! Our natural wonder dates back to a time when the brave Portuguese set out to explore new worlds…

The explorers tried to sail to the East, where it was rumoured treasures abounded. They realised that they couldn’t make it without a stop to replenish stores for their journey. So in what is now known as Mozambique, they established a port. The rich and fertile lands they discovered enticed many explorers to settle. The Portuguese flourished here and life soon included great food, wine and much laughter.

Discovering Peri-Peri
Indigenous Africans introduced the Portuguese to the African Bird’s Eye Chilli. The locals called this fiery little chilli Pili-Pili, which means Pepper-Pepper in Swahili.

‘Peri- Peri’ was the best stab the explorers could make at pronouncing Pili-Pili, so Peri-Peri it became. They immediately added it to their cooking and it soon became an integral part of their lives. The women found that Peri-Peri aroused passion in their men and were delighted that something so small could prove so satisfying.

Nando’s hatches
413 years later the gold rush started. Many Mozambican-Portuguese settlers rushed to Johannesburg to prospect for gold. They took their unique Peri-Peri chicken with them.

Some prospectors found digging for gold too tough and decided that feeding hungry miners with their Peri-Peri chicken would be a more lucrative business. In Rosettenville, a restaurant named Chickenland flourished. Then in1987, two great friends - Robert and Fernando - visited and fell in love with Peri-Peri flame-grilled chicken. They bought the restaurant and changed its name – the first Nando’s had been created.

The Legend of Barcelos
Back in the 14th Century in Barcelos, Portugal, a pilgrim was wrongly accused of theft. The penalty was death. For justice he appealed to ‘Our Lady’ and St. James – the patron saint of protection.

The pilgrim came before the judge who was to decide his fate. The judge was about to eat a roast cockerel for his dinner so the pilgrim pleaded “If I am innocent may that cockerel get up and crow.” To everyone’s astonishment, and luckily for the pilgrim, the cockerel did rise and crow heartily!

Only a legend but we love it. Indeed we chose the Barcelos Cockerel for Nando’s identity because of its association with faith, justice and good luck.
Our Values
We live according to a set of values which are core to everything we do. They are pride, passion, courage, integrity and family. They help us deliver a truly great Nando’s experience.

Our aims are genuine but we don’t take ourselves too seriously and our fun approach to life means when you visit Nando’s you can fully relax without airs and graces. This attitude is not just reflected in our restaurants. We are always looking to share our values throughout the communities of our local Nando's restaurants.

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