WashingtonEats.com is Washington, DC’s most comprehensive and up-to-date restaurant guide.  The dining guide is the only one of its kind to provide relevant content and information focused on the area’s independent, local restaurants. WashingtonEats.com is designed to provide residents of and visitors to the Washington, DC area with information on where to eat. Besides the guide, the site provides a forum for local diners to rate and review their favorite restaurants as well as find dining deals, popular food blogs, videos spotlighting local restaurants, featured foodie events and updated news related to the local restaurant industry.

Currently featuring a growing database of more than 2,500 independent restaurants, WashingtonEats.com allows users to search for places to dine by either neighborhood, type of cuisine, price or special features such as the availability of kid-friendly atmosphere, outdoor dining or carryout. Users are encouraged to post ratings and reviews, interact with popular local food bloggers and comment on posted news stories. WashingtonEats.com is also utilizing Facebook and Twitter to relay current industry news and information and promote public discussions.

We hope you enjoy WashingtonEats.com; don’t hesitate to give us feedback on ways we can make our site even better!

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